Friday, June 15, 2012

Don Pablo Quijote rides again

After a long spell kept him trapped in La Mancha, our favorite hero is off tilting at windmills again and facing down dragons.  He survived this last stint, but just barely.  Seemingly chained to La Mancha as if under some evil spell, Don Pablo Quijote rides again, first to the Sublime Porte that sits at the axis of worlds.  To Constantine's capitol.  Don Pablo Quijote is sailing to Byzantium on a silver bird, as he lays tired in the reins.

As he left, the weight of anxiety lifted from our hero's weary shoulders.  His saudades and ghorba- untranslatable longings and sorrows from Portuguese peregrines and Maghrebian missings- tricked him to return to La Mancha and he found himself cast under a spell of solitary and restless anxiety.  Finally, he was able to break free from his chains and depart to Anatolia.  To the land where Trojans once roamed.  Then on to a land of a people who have no friends but the mountains.  In his quixotic dreams of scimitars and spices awaits a guard of pesh merga to greet Don Pablo Quijote.  

I am feeling awake and alive in ways that I haven't since leaving the subcontinent, since Formosa.  How fickle my heart and how woozy my mind (Awake my Soul).  Being exiled in America is rough on my peripatetic psyche.  I have felt a shaking off of chains that had this PD Knight Errant feeling shackled. A Levantine to the Levant. First orders of business: find a Turkish bath then a Turkish concubine. Journey on.

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