Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Stinking Maneuver II

Years ago, there was a famous Israeli political intrigue that occurred when Shimon Peres and Aryeh Deri tried to bring down the premiership of Yitzhak Shamir and the national unity government to install Peres as prime minister.  It failed, and was dubbed "The Stinking Maneuver."

Israeli politics got a new stinking maneuver yesterday when Kadima and its new leader Shaul Mofaz joined Bibi's government to create a national unity coalition.  Shaul Mofaz was literally just elected head of the opposition Kadima party. He had promised he would not join the "bad" government of the "liar" Bibi, and weeks later he is already hoping in bed with Bibi.  Israeli politics is a sad state of affairs these days.

Bibi is a congenital liar.  Yvette the Foreign Minister is a fascist thug, a nightclub bouncer who has no business occupying the chair of Abba Eban.  Ehud Barak, whose party is polling at 0 seats in the next election, has the tinniest ear of any politician alive.  Not to mention all the crazy Likudniks, settlement proponents and ultra-Orthodox.  And then there is Mofaz and (soon-to-fold-back-into-Likud) Kadima added to this motley bunch.  Leadership for Israel has never looked so dire.  

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