Friday, May 18, 2012

I-Scream...for Jamaican Gastrodiplomacy

There was a great article on Jamaican Ice Cream in WaPo, and it had me both reminiscing about my time on the isle and also thinking about Jamaican gastrodiplomacy.  I had some amazing stout ice cream (I-Scream!) and also soursop ice cream when I was there.  The unique Jamaican ice cream could be the perfect ending treat for a more pronounced Jamaican culinary diplomacy campaign.

Jamaica could use its cuisine to highlight its Caribbean and multi-ethnic flavor.  The country's motto is "Out of Many, One People," and that is truly reflective in its food.   Some good jerk chicken, ackee and salt fish and beef patties would be the hallmarks of a delicious gastrodiplo campaign, and a great way to highlight the unique culture of Jamaica.

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