Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gastrodiplo Fail!

A while back, fellow MPDer Hend Alhinnawi wrote about gastrodiplomacy and the Vindaloo against Violence campaign that was used for rapprochement between the Indian community in Australia and the larger Aussie community.  But I just stumbled upon an amazing bit of gastrodiplomacy failure from the former PM of Australia Kevin Rudd during the same period in question.  Apparently, Rudd wanted to smooth over troubles between the communities by having a BBQ!  Quite a gesture!  Let's bbq some sacred cows to show we respect you!  Even more amazing considering Rudd's reputation as a top notch diplomat (although even that had been questioned. Rudd received high marks internationally initially for speaking fluent Mandarin, but was later considered undiplomatic even in correct speech.)


Abba said...

maybe the bbq was goat???

Paul Rockower said...

I will bbq Scruffy.