Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A little late to the party, but loved the response from  Norm Chad to the idiocy that transpired with Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen's comments about Castro:
"Naturally, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig issued a statement supporting the Marlins’ decision to suspend Guillen, saying, “Baseball is a social institution with important social responsibilities. . . . Mr. Guillen’s remarks have no place in our game.”
Interestingly, Selig sat side-by-side with Castro when the Orioles traveled to Cuba for an exhibition game in 1999. Hmm. I’m not sure what message of social responsibility it sends to America when the commissioner-for-life rubs elbows in the stands with the comandante-for-life.
How can Guillen be condemned for his lack of judgment while Selig — who authorized an MLB appearance in Cuba and then validated Castro by chatting him up — waves to the crowd?
And as always, Bill Maher is on point.

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