Monday, April 30, 2012

Grounds for Gastrodiplomacy

In a wonderful and innovative bit of gastrodiplomacy, Turkayfe— a Turkish nationbranding project that is sponsored by a number of Turkish businesses and associations— has created a mobile Turkish coffee house. 

This mobile Turkish coffee house is driving up and down the East Coast, handing out free cups of delicious sweet black Turkish coffee. The Turkish coffee truck launched its efforts by setting up shop at George Washington University on Friday April 27 to hand out free cups of Turkish coffee to all that passed by. Then, on Staurday April 28, the Mobile Turkish Coffee House set up shop in Georgetown, handing out over 1,000 cups of the rich Turkish treat to the posh patrons on M St.

The Mobile Turkish Coffee House will head on to dispense a bit of gatrodiplomacy in Baltimore (May 1), New York (May 4-5), at Yale University (May 8) and in Boston (May 11).  And for a bit of "I see public diplomacy in your future," there is even an online fortune teller to read your future in the coffee grinds.  Great project!  Nice work, Efe (Sherefe!).


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