Monday, March 12, 2012

No Country for Young Men

Beware gentle knight. There is no greater monster than reason...That is of course a spanish idea.  You see. The idea of Quixote.  But even Cervantes could not envision such a country as Mexico.

Also known as All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy.  Quite an enjoyable and beautiful book of two boys who set off on horseback south of the border.  The story weaves through the rugged and beautiful landscape of northern Mexico, an area I know and love.  McCarthy's sparse, rugged style mirrors the the desolately beautiful landscape.

I realized why I love his work so much- he reminds me of a modern day Ernest Hemingway.  McCarthy's understated style reminds me of Hemingway's tip of the iceburg style.  The Young Man and the Desert.  Also, he takes to Mexico and Texas like Hemingway to Spain and Cuba, and the catholic Catholicness perhaps shades the story as well.

Nothing was the same and yet everything.  In the Spaniard's heart is a great yearning for freedom, but only his own.  A great love of truth and honor in all its forms, but not in its substance.  And a deep conviction that nothing can be proven except that it be made to bleed.  Virgin, bulls, men.  Ultimately God himself.

And the "there and back again" nature of the story reminded me of former foray of Los Hermanos Rockower into Mexico.  That the characters passed through Zacatecas helped stir the cauldron of memories.  Nostalgia is like witches brew.  The book has me plotting and planning new adventures for Sancho Harranza and Don Pablo Quijote south of the border.

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