Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day that will live in...meh

A bit of a nonsensical question I realize, but does Pearl Harbor seem like a bigger deal because Hawaii is a state?  I mean simply that we conflate an attack on Hawaii with an attack on a U.S. state because Hawaii is indeed a state now.  Hawaii did not become a state until 1959, and in 1941 was simply a territory.  No offence to Guam, but would it seem as big a deal today if Japan had carried out a sneak attack on Guam (a territory that few Americans could find on a map)  rather than something that is A STATE IN THE UNION ?!?  Seriously, who even remembers (besides the Guamese Guamanimos Guamamanians) that this oh-so-important American territory in the South Pacific was occupied December 8, 1941 and held by Japan for almost 2.5 years?  I feel like the fact that Hawaii is now a state somehow makes the attack on Pearl Harbor seem like a bigger deal when looking backward.

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