Saturday, March 24, 2012

chasing away the grey day

A grey and heartless day needed some radiant cheer.  I headed south down sixteen until I got to the Mexican Cultural Center.  Always a resplendent beaut.  There is an exhibition going on, of the masks of Mexico.

The last exhibit I saw on masks of Mexico was at the exquisite Museo Rafael Coronel in Zacatecas

The masks were, as imagined, impressionante.  

The all-seeing, all-knowing Time with his multifaces.

Ahuyentar espiritus with horns and horned chin.

The puckered lips and forked beard of ehecatl, the god of wind.

 Forked horns and forked tongues.  The devil's horns; the red man with scorpion cheeks.

Mi santo Ermitaño, the hermit mask that bore swarthy resemblance.  

Toothless viejitos with pickled and hooked noses.

Masks from passion plays.  Black-spotted yellow jaguars with hooked teeth.

Along the way I found my way into one of the most beautiful rooms in DC.  The exquisite blue and white hall that the Mexican Cultural Center uses for events.  The room was a radiant blue and white tile that exuded azul and blanco light to illuminate a grey day.  The whole building emanated charm and beauty.  An old school charm.

I made my way downhill to Starbucks, where i sit dipping sugar-dusted mallorca sweet bread into cinnamon dolce latte to chase away the grey day.

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