Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ah, March Madness time. I haven't paid much attention in many years, but I am picking brackets anyway. This is what my bracket says about me: 

The Out-of-Date Bracket
You overrate teams that were powerhouses about 20 years ago. You have Michigan going all the way. Nevada-Las Vegas is in your final four. What: Loyola Marymount did not make the tourney this year? What gives? 
WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU Back in the early 1990s, you were single and had leisure time and disposable income to spare, so you spent winter evenings at the local tavern, hoisting beers and thrilling to the exploits of Bobby Hurley and Lionel Simmons. But now you have a family and a serious career, leaving you with little time for college basketball, but you cannot bring yourself to admit that your carefree weekends with Jerry Tarkanian ended decades ago. Don’t worry, friend. Grab a flannel shirt, pop the Spin Doctors into your CD player, and get ready for Georgetown and Indiana to make big runs. Your loved ones will break the news gently that you are actually watching ESPN Classic.
Meanwhile, Foreign Policy had the best brackets around.  Democrats vs. Dictators.  My Final Four is Obama, Rousseff, Mugabe and Abdullah.  Rousseff and Mugabe in the Finals. Rousseff with the buzzer beater over Comrade Bob.

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