Sunday, February 19, 2012


"They have come from close by and very far away.  They have lived all sorts of lives.  They willingly tell me how they became hermits, but are baffled when I ask them why.

  Why? Why turn sadhu?  They laugh gently, because it is a foolish question, and they are too charitable to call me a fool. Why give up a world that everybody know is miserable and corrupt to seek blessed union with God?  Why recognize that luxury is unnecessary and frivolous?  Why look for peace in the only place it can be found, within one's heart?  One might as well ask a starving man why he wants bread.  The sadhus do not care where their spiritual hunger comes from, only that it is there and must be satisfied."
-Jonah Blank, "The Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God"

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