Friday, February 17, 2012

MD, NJ & Marriage

As one who has held evolving views on gay marriage, I am pleased to see Maryland pass a bill supporting such rights.  Congrats to those who will now have the opportunity to say the world's shortest and longest sentence: I do.

With that said, I'm not sure if I have issue with Gov. Christie's move either:
At the same time, Mr. Christie repeated what the State Supreme Court said in 2006 — that same-sex couples deserve the same benefits enjoyed by married couples. Answering testimony that same-sex couples in civil unions had more trouble than married couples in matters like obtaining mortgages and making health care decisions, the governor said he wanted to set up a new ombudsman to make sure gay and lesbian couples did not suffer discrimination. But he argued that civil unions did not discriminate, saying there had been only 13 complaints about the law since it was passed in 2006, compared with 1,300 complaints about discrimination based on disability and 1,200 based on race.
I have long stated that if the issue is about rights, I support it; if it is about defining what constitutes marriage, I waver a bit.  New Jersey already has provisions for civil unions, and if such a measure is providing all the rights and privileges therein, I am less inclined to offer my support further.  I admit that perhaps my stance isn't completely logical.  So it goes.

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