Sunday, February 19, 2012


"At times in my life I have sought hermitage, generally by running off to a foreign country where nobody knows my name, place where I could go many days without speaking to a soul, and many weeks without hearing my native language.  Whether prompted by a dull job,a romance gone sour, or a general sense of all-encompassing malaise, each trek has been a welcome escape.  And each time I travel I see enough fascinating things to reignite my appreciation for the beauty of life.

  But I have always fled society out of anger rather than joy.  It is not a calm, reasoned rejection of the World of Illusions, merely frustration that the illusion isn't pleasing enough.  Perhaps that is why, when the anger burns itself out, I always come back.

I've got it all backward, of course.  I sever all attachments, slough off possessions, home, friends and family, tread the road with no destination in mind- but only for a time.  I use hermitage to restore my love for the world, not to break free from its hold."
-Jonah Blank, "The Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God"

Amen.  As you can imagine, I can relate. 

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