Monday, February 06, 2012

Christianity and the Death Penalty

"Catholic children would be wearing little electric chairs round their necks instead of crosses."

--What Len[n]y Bruce speculated would be the case if Jesus had been killed in the twentieth century; cited by J. C. in The Times Literary Supplement (January 20, 2012), p.32; image from

Granted Lenny Bruce and I are both of the Hebrew persuasion so I hope this doesn't come off as offensive, but I imagine the best reason for Christian opposition to the death penalty would come case-in-point from Jesus.

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Harry Rockower said...

In my christian tradition class today we were discussing the trinity and how Jesus is viewed as always existing and co-existent with god but also manifested in the flesh. My teacher brought up an interesting existential question, if Jesus is God incarnate, did he feel pain on the cross? If he is part of god, or 3in1, or whatever you may call it, what pain would he have felt at the time?