Sunday, February 19, 2012

All Truth comes from within

"'What can I tell you?' the maharishi asked.  'All Truth comes from within- of this you are certainly aware.  I cannot teach you anything that you don't already know.'
    Rama did not protest.  He merely listened.
   'The search for Truth, Agatsya continued, 'is the search for one's Self.  When a man truly understands who he is, he will realize that he is part of God.  This understanding cannot come from the intellect, it comes from a place far deeper.  Know yourself, my friend, and you will see that you are none other than the Lord.'"
-Jonah Blank, "Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God"

As I watched cars pouring down the highway, I smiled at things forgotten and remembered, and the ephemeral way that being in motion can tune me in to a place far deeper.  From high above as we crossed the Delaware Bridge, the sky had a golden hue with one pink cloud heaving across the horizon.

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