Saturday, January 07, 2012


God grant you many and happy years,
  Till, when the last has crowned you,
The dawn of endless days appears,
   And heaven is shining round you.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is indeed my birthday, and I am celebrating it in one of the least-exotic locales in recent memory.  If 30 was in El Salvador, then 32 is in the Salvadorean part of DC.  'Tis okay, I could use a birthday of tranquil passing after some more exciting affairs.  I rang in the bday with my little brother Harry and my new roomie Leslie.  We popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and washed it down with Cusqueña beer (the Gold of the Incas) which I found just for Harry. This was the first time I got to hang out with her without the long arm of the law about.  Long story, I will explain that one at a later date.

32 is in the midst of process, so it feels pretty even keel.  So...on with the 4 bday questions:

1) If you could have your b-day dinner with anyone (living, dead), who would it be? -Sidney Bosley

2) Best b-day ever? -11. I had a Redskins Super Bowl party, and the Skins won. Decades later, they aren't anywhere close to such glory.

 3) Where were you last year on your bday? -Bangkok, getting a Shivisa for my b-day.

 4) Where will you be next year for your bday? -Colombia, at the Wandering Paisa Hostel

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