Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monte Pleasant

In Taipei, I battled cockroaches; in Delhi, it was mice. I will triumph over the biohazard that is my kitchen.  I will need to exert a little soft power to keep the kitchen clean, but I think I can manage.

So in short, I am settling in nicely to my new environs.  I was not doing well in limbo.  The pound of gold saved was costing me a pound of flesh out of my dignity, and I was getting depressed morose.  I thought perhaps the rainy day perhaps portended that I made an ill-advised and rash call to get myself out of limbo, but the giant arco-iris that followed the rains made me think that providence might indeed approve.  This was a silly arc, stretching up and down in perfect form as if a pot o' gold awaited in U street and in Piney Branch.  The setting skies blazed pink and gold.

The new place has potential if I can fix up some of the lackluster things like the toxic kitchen.  While I was expecting to work in the living room during the day, apparently another roomie has already staked his claim.  So it goes.  My room is spacious, and I have a nice bay window to constitute my corner office view.  This is the first room I felt comfortable working in, and I can always escape the barrio outside.  

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