Monday, December 26, 2011

Mi Barrio

Now that I am out of limbo, I am back to my favorite hobby: blogging about what I occupies my time and my stomach. But I'll get there.

I made a tour of the barrio today, doing some grocery shopping in my little Korean-owned latin grocery.  All sorts of fun products like salvadorean cheeses and creams, loroco and nopales.  Nice to get cheap produce again, although as I am finding, DC is f'ing expensive- I think it is more expensive than LA.

Anyway, I wandered around Columbia Heights, and down 16th street to Meridian Hill (Malcolm X Park).  I didn't realize that Meridian Hill referred to its location as a prime meridian point.  I walked down to U St, then made my way back up.  As I had been walking down, I passed by the Swiss Embassy, and noticed that it was home to the Cuban interest section aka the Cuban Embassy.  This being DC, on my way back, there was a rally taking place outside.  The protesters were out to show their support for Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned in Cuba for having the temerity to bring internet equipment to la isla.   For crimes against the Castro state, Gross was sentenced to 15 years in prison.  He was expected to be released in the amnesty wave of 2,900 prisoners let go ahead of the papal visit, but unfortunately was not on the rolls.  There was a nice size protest outside chanting "Free Alan," and I ran into some old family friends, the Ackmans, who have a bit of a personal connection to the case as they know the family well.

After joining the rally for a bit, I returned to Mt. Pleasant to hang in Heller's Bakery- a MP landmark, and munch a delicious flaky cherry turnover.  The afternoon involved more wandering, down to Adams Morgan and back up to the local pupusaria for dinner.  O' pupusas, how you pupus so good.  I scarfed down some delicious loroco and frijol-filled gooey cheese masas messes that are pupusas.  The accordion on the jukebox and the spanish in the air made me feel like I was on the road again, back down in Salvador or some other former adventure.  

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