Friday, December 16, 2011

All-American Bigotry

I posted a while back about the show All-American Muslim, a reality show about Muslim-American life in Dearborn, Michigan.  I loved the concept, and thought it would make for great public diplomacy.

Well, the agents of intolerance balked at portraying Muslims as anything less than radical jihadis, so they unleashed their own jihad at advertisers who were associated with the program.  Lowe's and other advertisers subsequently backed away in a particularly feckless fashion.

 Jon Stewart's response to this mess was priceless .

The funny thing about all this controversy is that it becomes more instructive of the nature of the American Radical Right and their own jihadist tendencies than anything about American Muslims.

In the end, I was reminded of the project My Fellow American, and the importance of such a project to show that Muslim-Americans are a vital part of the American mosaic.  

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