Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rising Power PD

Prof. Robin Brown of University of Leeds has a very interesting article about Brazil's public diplomacy challenges as a rising power, given the growing apprehensions of its neighbors.  I wrote a bit about Brazilian consensual hegemony and its attempts to use soft power to "soften" its rise regionally.  I am quite interested to explore the topic of rising power pd further.

With great examples found in China, Brazil, India and Germany (and Japan in the 1980s), there is ample wonky pd fun to be had.  I have been kicking around a working concept of what rising power (or emerging power) public diplomacy entails, and how it differs from the public diplomacy of middle powers.  It is kind of a middle power+ pd strategy, that relies on a broader version of niche diplomacy, a more pronounced approach to soft power projection and a consensual hegemony model of projecting value and utility.  Perhaps it could be mixed in with conceptualization of the public diplomacy of regional hegemons, and then I could include South Africa or Nigeria into the mix.  Sounds like some fun stuff I will get to work on for PhD research.  

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