Thursday, November 03, 2011

P2P Engagement through music: American Music Abroad

As I had mentioned before, some of the details concerning my new job were being embargoed.  Embargo gone, and I am pleased to announce on this fair blog, among other places, that American Voices will be partnering with the US State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs on the American Music Abroad program.  We are administering the cultural diplomacy program, and are helping to arrange auditions and touring for approximately ten American roots music ensembles.   All sorts of American genres are up for the tour, including hip hop, jazz, blues, bluegrass, zydeco and even indie rock and punk.  Public diplomacy is always of the finest sort when accompanied by a bluegrass banjo.  In short, if you are in an ensemble that plays any kind of American music, do be sure to audition and possibly become the next American cultural diplomacy ambassador!  More details about that coming soon.

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