Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gay Marriage and Equal Rights

This is a a stirring and poignant defense of gay marriage fr the son of a lesbian couple in Iowa

 I have had a complicated view on gay marriage. I always said that if it was about rights, then I was all for it, but if it was about defining marriage, I had a harder time supporting it. I tried to have a little nuance in an issue I am finding not very easy to hold a nuanced position about. My position is evolving because I am not finding any middle ground anymore.   If marriage as a religious covenant between a man and a woman, then I am not sure if I support that being applied to a same-sex couple.  If there was an option for civil unions, I would prefer it. But that middleground doesn't often seem available, and if it comes down to being for or against gay marriage, then I have to side with being for it.  If this is about an issue of rights, then to me that trumps other considerations and I support it.

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