Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Jewish eyes are smiling

I went to meet my friend Dan last night down on the H Street corridor at a fantastic place called the Star and Shamrock Tavern.  That's right a Jewish deli and Irish Tavern combined:
"The Star and The Shamrock is a New York- style deli and traditional Irish pub. Sound like a contradiction? Jewish and Irish cultures, celebrated (and tormented!), have more in common than you'd think! Misery loves company-- Oy Vey! So come in and enjoy the best of both in one place! Sample an extensive mix of Irish bottles and drafts, alongside a pint of He'brew Ale. Try a Reuben with a side of latkes and a pint of Black and Tan, or a shepherd's pie with a side of matzo balls. Irish Folk or Klezmer? Both go great with a fine Irish or Rye Whiskey! So here's to your good health, and to life! Sláinte and L'Chaim!"

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