Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mascot Diplomacy

There is a great story about the Washington Nationals' mascot Screech visiting with the Taiwanese Ambassador ahead of his trip to Taiwan (xie xie Abba). First, I love the historical irony that the Nationals are sending their mascot to the island of the KMT nationals.  Beyond the historical irony, it is smart public diplomacy all around.

Smart because Taiwan loves the Washington Nationals because the Taiwanese pitcher Chien Ming-Wang is on the club. The Nats' "W" hat was pretty ubiquitous in Taipei, as was Wang jerseys.

Moreover, Screech inadvertently probably wrinkled Chinese feather by referring to his visit with the "Ambassador of Taiwan," which is technically diplomatically incorrect as it messes with the "One Mascot Policy."

Finally, I love it that the Taiwanese Ambassador feted Screech with Taiwanese food, as a further instance of Taiwanese gastrodiplomacy.


Abba said...

One China; Two Mascots...

Harry Rockower said...

Two Mascots, one 世界杯