Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hulkamaniac Diplomacy

I happened to glance on tv and saw an interview with Hulk Hogan.  I have previously mentioned about wrestling's global reach (I, II).  As such, the thought of making Hulk Hogan a PD ambassador came to mind to this Barnumite. Ambassador Hogan touring the world touring the world doing American PD and cultural diplomacy is pure PD kitsch, but compelling nonetheless.  All kidding aside, it actually isn't a bad idea.  The man is full force Americana and communicates good ol' American values.  The attention factor for such an effort is a plus.  Hogan meeting with global hulkamaniacs, offering clinics to his legions of fans and bodyslamming bad guys.  It is celebrity diplomacy at its finest. As Undersec for PD in the Vinick State Department, I would make it so...

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