Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It ain't easy being green

Back at USC, we did a lot of work examining theories on Middle Powers and the concrete public diplomacy strategies of such actors in areas like niche diplomacy.  Iin short, niche diplomacy is how Middle Powers take on leadership roles in niche areas, and by doing global good, they do well in public diplomacy terms.

In my travels last year in Chindia, I started considering the theoretical framework for a new category: the public diplomacy of emerging powers.  Basically, the concept I am working on, and will examine further is that emerging great powers like Chindia need to conduct a Middle Powers Plus form of niche diplomacy, and show leadership in major global problems like climate change, the fight against global poverty and other such areas.

FP has a good article on the failure of US leadership in going green, and how the emerging power countries like Chindia aren't waiting around for the US in such matters.  What Chindia needs to do is combine this leadership with a more tangible PD strategy.

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