Friday, August 05, 2011

Bolt Branding

Something I found kinda interesting.  I am up in NYC at the moment, and to get here I hopped the Bolt Bus.  Bolt is one of the many cheap carriers to New York that sprung up over the last few years to shuttle between DC and NY, among other places.

Anyway, at the rest stop at the midway point, I was about to get back on the bus when I noticed a tag on the bottom of the bus that said "Greyhound".  I asked the bus driver about it, and he said that Bolt Bus is owned by Greyhound.  Fascinating.

This particular line doesn't leave from the Greyhound terminal but rather from Union Station, and there is little to make you think it is connected.  So Greyhound spun off a whole subsidiary of bus lines in part because, I am assuming, of the associations with the Greyhound brand.  There are perceptions and associations with the Greyhound brand that would make some consumers wary, but the Bolt brand has no such issues.  Same services, same bus, different brand and reputation.


DrBones said...

And different prices?

Paul Rockower said...

No, about the same.