Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PD Mag Intl Broadcasting

I was at the U.S. PD Advisory Commission today.  Matt Armstrong's outfit.  I will write more about that later, but a major focus of it was on international broadcasting.  Thus, I have perfect transition to note the new Public Diplomacy Magazine on International Broadcasting.  It is a very interesting issue that focuses on the international broadcasting efforts of a number of countries, including the US, UK, Aussielandia and Formosa.  Prof. Seib weighs in on well Qatar's Voice of the Island, and there are good pieces from intl broadcasting experts Shawn Powers and Kim Andrew Elliot.  Meanwhile, there is a great At-Post section that features interviews with 2 current and 2 former BBG Govs.

On the whole, a nice effort by my successors.  PD Mag did a great job this year on Corporate Diplomacy and Intl Broadcasting, and carried the torch quite well...but not well enough to include a Nobel Prize winner in their mag and so my PD Mag editorial record is still unparalleled.

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