Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Israel Free Palestine

Add punctuation as necessary. For f-cks sake, Israel, stop playing games. You recognized South Sudan. Palestine has as much case for recognition. The "indefensible" borders are defendable. They did Israel just fine for two winning wars. Who exactly are you defending the territory from these days? Iraq? Jordan? Syria? The nascent Palestine? Who is invading from the East? A recognized Palestine on your recognized borders is more defensible than a continued occupation.

By the way, thanks Danny Ayalon for offering a history lesson of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is probably the worst bit of public diplomacy propaganda ever. Undisputed.

Although there have been some other pretty awful Israel attempts at PD, such as the "Size Doesn't Matter" campaign spots, as well as the horrific Spanish music video attempt to reach out to Latino audiences with a chica in tigress prints and a 14-year old next to a windmill.  Please guys, this is embarrassing.

Israel spends a tremendous amount of time, resources and angst trying to fix its image and toxic nation brand rather than simply working on the policy that causes such failure.  The "disputed territories"?  Please.  No one but Israelis hawks and diaspora archchair generals disputes that the territory is occupied.  Even Sharon admitted it was occupied.  But the real issue here is that Israel like to talk incessantly about Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish State. Yet this video is case-in-point of Israeli refusal to accept a Palestinian State.  Where else would you locate Palestine, fellas?  Jordan?  You blew that chance when Shamir scuttled the London Accords, and gave that silly notion up when you signed a peace treaty with Jordan. The reality is that Israel "delegitimizes" a Palestinian State (I am so sick of that made-up word) almost as much as Palestinians don't recognize Israel.

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