Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to School

Yesterday I made the trek up near Baltimore to visit Goucher College. I went up there to discuss teaching a course on public diplomacy. Beyond certain personal reasons, Goucher piqued my interest because it was the first college to require its students to conduct a study abroad as a graduation requirement.  As one who has made his life a study abroad semester+, I thought this global focus was quite unique and dynamic.

I met with Goucher's President Sandy Ungar, who has his own ties to public diplomacy as a former head of Voice of America.  He was kind enough to give me a tour around the lovely campus and new Athenaeum- the multipurpose library and student center (and radio station: Radio Free Goucher [j/k]).  I was impressed by all the students who he knew by first name, and that they had a personal relationship with him.  We sat outside the cafe of the Athenaeum and chatted over lunch about collegiate life.

After lunch, I returned to chat with the provost about said PD class.  As we were chatting about curriculum, I kinda laughed and said that I had the course designed all the way back in grad school.  Will keep you posted about Prof. Rockower's teaching endeavors.

PS: Two days prior, I had an interesting lunch with Prof. Craig Hayden and tour around AU's SIS to discuss prospective PhDs.  Will keep you posted on pupil Rockower's continued student endeavors.  

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