Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Modern Immortal

"To be immortal is to be exempt from oblivion, and only the rarest achievements escape forgetting."
-"The Modern Immortal: Paderweski " exhibit, USC Doheny Library

In the immaculate Doheny Library, there is a wonderful bit of Polish public diplomacy on the life of the life of Ignacy Jan Paderewski.  Paderewski is a name I have long known, stemming from a camp song my Mom used to sing to her kids.  I knew the broad generalities of the man, but not the incredible details of the great Paderewski.  The Polish Music Center and my dear friend Krysta Close did a fabulous bit of Polish public diplomacy with the exhibit on this titan.  The exhibit tells the story of this modern immortal Paderewski, his impact on music, global politics and his role in the resurrection of the immortal nation that is Poland, where he served as its first prime minister. Through passages, images and books, the exhibit weaves the tale of the man and the nation, and does a wonderful job educating about Paderewski and Poland.  Fantastyczna praca, niech żyje Polska!

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