Saturday, May 02, 2009

MayDay, FusionFest and Gastro Diplomacy

May Day. Once on May Day, I was in Layoune, in the Western Sahara- meeting over coffee at a hotel discussing the Western Sahara conflict with tortured dissident Marxists and journalists while protests for Palestine went on outside, completely oblivious to the occupied nature of the Western Sahara. Grand juxtapositions, and regal memories. Of missed immigration marches and time fleeting. April ended in disarray, over group project disappointments and galling gauls.

May came wearily, with forfeits and dispossession. But rally I did,with Korean tacos with bff Yael to bring tidings and cheer. We headed to La Taquiza, for kimchee-covered barbecued short rib tacos, with a slice of avocado to garnish and tamarind juice to wash it down. A fluffy spudnut glaze for desert, and I was off to my home away from home, the library. Sad that my parents always know where to find me for Shabbat, and rather then call, they simply text since I am in a quiet zone and they know better to ring. I spent the day devising a bit of culinary cultural diplomacy for my final project. A bit of gastro diplomacy based on the aforementioned lunch and the universality of food as a entryway into cultural overlap.

A Quantum of Solace and bit of solitude did me well to end my May Day. I like the brooding Daniel Craig bond, his harder edge is a nice change compared to the comedic, sarcastic Last Action Hero Bond that had been created more recently.

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