Monday, December 04, 2006

Mao is rolling in his grave

Shanghai is a capitalist migraine. No, I don't want a lady handbag, cholex watch, cds (Harry, chime in) or a massage. Next person who asks will get the wrath of mao unleashed upon them. I am beginning to sour on this city. Also infuriating is that internet cafes require a passport to use the computer. This is the only city where I have encountered such aggravations. No problem at the coffee shop I am at, enjoying a banana chocolate milkshake. I have now been in China for a month, and not a single fortune cookie I have received. And I have been eating a lot of Chinese food. Maybe I can sell the concept to the Chinese.

A note from Tibet, the sun doesn't rise there until 8:30am. One China, one time zone. So Lhasa is thousands of miles away from Beijing, but on the same time. However Hanoi is far closer, yet an hour behind. It is strange to see the sun not up until so late.

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