Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hanukkah in Ho Chi Minh

So the Israelis and I found our way to the Rabbi's place, and had a nice time lighting candles. There is a hanukkah party tonight, so i will get some latkes:) After I left the Rabbi's place, I was wandering around with a beer, when I met a Vietnamese guy. He was an English teacher, we went for beers, then for a fantastic massage. PG kind, sans the happy ending, it was a reputable place. The massage was amazing. This tiny little Vietnamese girl worked on my back for a long time, and taught me some of the language. I must say, it is really not a pretty language. Possibly the ugliest I have ever heard. Otherwise, I had an hour long massage for about $10. I finished the night having too many drinks with an English girl, who promptly puked after I bought her a shot of grand marnier.

Today, I woke up with a babalas and went to the Cu Chi Tunnels. These were the tunnels that the Vietcong lived in, smuggled weapons and fought from. Crazy stuff. These tiny little tunnels were there residence for twenty years. I got to the place and watch a ridiculous propaganda movie about stuff like the "Hero American Killer" award given to a VC girl. Meanwhile, the tunnels were really tiny. Not a place I would want to spend more than 5 minutes. The boobytraps were ingenious. These spike pits and fire-hardened bamboo spikes covered with excrement to ensure infection. Nasty stuff. There were kitchen caves that had compartments for the smoke to leave out, through four chambers and just ever so slighty out a pile so that pilots couldn't detect them. You really saw the Vietnamese grit and determination in these caves. The place was even more surreal as there was a shooting range right there. You were walking around booby traps, and out of caves, with AK47s cracking in the distance. Creepy.

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