Sunday, November 12, 2006

Through sunny-side up eyes

I woke up this morning lost, with a pounding head. I wandered out into the Beijing haze, and hopped in a rickshaw. The rickshaw man was in a suit, and his bike had one gear. With me on me on my journey was one Colonel Kurtz. The captain and I arrived and walked into Americana. Pulp Fiction. A fifties diner, with Johnny Cash on the radio. I found anywhere America, in the middle of Beijing. Eggs sunny side up, with yokes winking at me. Grits that would make the Mason-Dixson line proud. A bloody Mary and endless cups of coffee. Lemon meringue pie. I am wandering in and out of the dreams of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Just meandering down the river of life.

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Mike Bachman(reijo on icc) said...

I am a Canadian from Ottawa. I talked to your dad on the chess network (ICC).
I thought I would leave a comment for you.
A Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, did the Far East bit in the 1950's.
I hope you gain valuable experience from your adventures.