Monday, August 14, 2006

The prom

So tonight is the last night of camp, and the kids have a last night party. I am literally chaparoning the high school dance. Scary. "Now kids, please stop grinding. Now kids, no making-out in the corner." I am suddenly so glad that these teens are forced to wear green t-sirts all summer, because when they are glammed and dressed up, it is terrifying. Lord help me, I am getting old.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anything but normal

I always knew that this camp was a little different, but sometimes it leaves me at a loss of words. One time last session, a kid asked me if he could use the phones. Since it wasn't phone time, I asked why. He replied that his village had been bombed by Hebollah, and he wanted to know if everyone was okay.

Today, there was an Israeli airstrike on Jenin. There are a bunch of kids from the Jenin refugee camp, including one in my bunk named Ibrahim. Apparently Ibrahim's uncle was the target of the strike. I'm not sure if he was killed. I have heard both that he was, and that the uncle is still alive and on the run.

Ibrahim is a great kid, really bright and funny. He doesn't speak english well, but he express himself an a manner that the whole bunk enjoys. To say the least, he is very upset. He doesn't want to talk to any Israelis, either in the bunk or outside. I asked him what about his friends in the bunk, he said that no Israelis are his friends. He had made lots of progress this summer, now he says he hates Israel. My next question I asked him was where we stood. He knows that I am Jewish. What about me? He said "achi," my brother. Just when I think I have something remotely figured out, I realize that I don't have a clue how any of this works.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Politics in the bathroom

I was sitting in my bunk's bathroom when I noticed that someone in years past had written "PLO Forever" on the bathroom wall. I was a little surprised that I hadn't noticed it before, but it was obviously old. I quickly went to get a marker to cross it out. Just before I scribbled it out, I had a better idea. Rather than cross it out, I thought I would add to it. With an extra "p", the bathroom grafitti became "PLOP Forever." Ha, much better and more appropriate for bathroom political statements.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We had NBA day yesterday, it was cool. We had a bunch of NBA players at camp, along with a WNBA player. I got to meet Etan Thomas of the Wizards, and run drills with him. He is huge. About 6'10" and 260 lbs of pure muscle. The kids were taking pictures next to his bicep. One kid remarked that Thomas' muscle was bigger than the kid's head.

We also had BJ Armstrong of Bulls fame. I got to talk with him over dinner. There was also two rookies for the Lakers and Blazers. Someone named Brian Scalabrine, who is a power forward for the Celtics. He sat at my table and informed the kids where brain freeze comes from (see, not all jocks are dumb).

The coup de'grace of the evening was getting to play half court against the players. We were actually up 1-0. I had to guard the rookie for the trailblazers. LaMarcus something. He posted up on me, so I grabbed hold of his leg. We got crushed 5-1. Not bad to a couple of professionals.

The whole day was pretty cool. I got to meet a super agent named Arn Tellum, he put the thing together. The man was actually looking for me, because my grandparents know his parents. Arn spent the day making trades with GMs around the league, but he sought me out. hehe. The kids loved it, and I had a great time too.