Thursday, May 25, 2006

PR for PR

You can hear my group and my interview on a Christian radio program, "The What's Up Program with Terry Lowry" at . Just go to the archive, and click on the date section. Scroll down to May 22, 2006, and you can listen.

Other interviews and media stuff to soon follow. The Chron is still sitting on our article, but it should appear next week. The Washington Jewish Week also has a story on me.

Ah, the paparazzis...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Warnings and announcements

My little brother just received his driver's license. Scary. He only got two points off the entire test. I failed mine twice. First, because of some BS with the cop, and second because I'm colorblind and couldn't see the difference between the orange and green lines I had to parallel-park between.

I had just finished making the warning sign in my office that everyone should stay off the road, when I remembered making another sign. Here is where I start getting nostalgic, and waxing poetic. When Harry was born, I made a sign and brought it to my 4th grade class. It said, "It's a boy. No, it's a girl. No wait, it's an Alien!" Haha, 4th grade humor.

In any case, I can hardly believe my little brother just got his driver's license. I feel like I was just teaching him to spit and curse at far too young an age. Soon he will really be a man, as I have a feeling things with him and his girlfriend might, ummm, progress. Scary how life just flies by when you are not looking.

Congrats Harry for your new responsibility in the world. I hope you are smarter with your driving responsibilities than I was at your age (see under: Steve Wuerfel's Mom's poor Saturn). Mazal tov, little Bro.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My hero

Copy and paste this link to read about a guy who has been in college for 12 years! He has completed 234 credits, 100 more than needed to graduate. He has multiple degrees. He plans on doing one more year so he can study abroad.

Here is the link:

Monday, May 08, 2006


So I finally made it home, only to find that my favorite hammock has been stolen out of the back yard. I didn't have a single thing stolen from me in Africa, New York or any other place for that matter. I was so planning on spending my days in its gentle embrace, penning my retirement memoirs. Damn suburban savages!!